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Written by Anthony | 3rd Apr, 2015

Roolo is a peer to peer bitcoin trading site committed to bringing bitcoin and blockchain technology into mainstream use in the City.

Launched in February 2015 it aims to be the fastest, safest and cheapest p2p bitcoin site globally. It's based in London and owned and operated by experienced professionals with long careers in traditional finance. Current Roolo features:

  • Full multisig wallet technology

  • All movements of bitcoin 'on the blockchain'

  • Green address instant transfers allowing transfer in and out of the site a lightning speed

  • Fees of 0.5% on one side of the trade only - half the cost of Localbitcoins.

The 'on the blockchain' approach is unique amongst exchanges and ensures that client bitcoins - as they transition through the site - are never mixed and are always visible using any blockchain browser at the address to which they were sent. Other exchanges and p2p sites operate omnibus accounts that do not allow this sort of scrutiny and required the clients to trust that the exchange has the bitcoins it says it has.

Green Address Technology is provided by San Francisco base Any coins transferred from a green address will confirm instantly on the site. All coins purchased on the site are instantly confirmed and can be transferred to a private wallet without delay.

Roolo was conceived and built by Anthony Culligan and Nicholas Pennington.

Anthony Culligan CEO

Anthony is the CEO of Roolo. After starting his career as a programmer in the 80’s, Anthony deployed his skills in traditional finance as a quantitative fund manager, derivatives trader and an investor in complex hedge funds. He has been a director at Robert Fleming Securities, JP Morgan and Aida Capital and CEO of F&C Partners. Anthony is a keen financial historian and commentator on monetary philosophy.

Nick Pennington CTO

Nicholas is a multi-skilled financial services professional with a long history of technology development and implementation along side experience as a derivatives trader, risk manager and hedge fund analyst. Nicholas has coded in the most extreme financial environments - namely on the desk as a trader dealing in live time with significant institutional capital at risk. Nicholas has designed and implemented the same industrial strength code at Roolo.

The vision is to create environments where real people can come together and trade freely with each other in an atmosphere of trust and without the need for an intermediating institution.

To do this we will develop and provide tools which empower individuals by allowing them to demonstrate their identity and reputation and by allowing them to contract and settle freely on their own terms.

We believe that only by distributing trust back to individuals and away from increasingly centralised structures can peer to peer technologies realise their true liberating potential. We believe that peer to peer technologies, such as bitcoin, are part of society and that their value lies in their being integral to society, its rules and its laws. We will endeavour to maintain a secure, robust and user friendly service for our clients and to treat each client fairly and with respect.

Press Enquiries

Contact: Anthony Culligan

We'd be happy to answer any queries you may have about Roolo. In the meantime follow us on facebook , twitter

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